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“Kintsugi” is the traditional Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer (we use one extracted from cashew nut trees) and metallic powder. You learn how to repair and beautify your favorite potteries. Making them whole again teaches you how to renew your past as well. Kintsugi experts Yoshiko and Yoshiichiro Kuge repair your family heirloom.

手仕事   Crafts

金継ぎ (きんつぎ)














We will mend your broken ceramic or glass products with kintsugi. You can bring your items directly to the studio. It would be perfect if you can call or email us in advance so that we can make sure to be present at the studio. Also, you can take a photo of your item to send us. We give you a rough estimate, and then you can mail us the broken item. You can wire the fee or pay with Paypal (with an additional handling fee). The overall fee depends on the damage or condition; it ranges from 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen. Please give us a month to work on it.

Learn kintsugi at our studio. You begin with our one-day workshop (about 2.5 hours), 8,800 yen per person. We have all the materials you need. If you have broken potteries, bring them with you; we advise how to fix them, or you can continue to take more workshops to fix them on your own at the studio. The workshop begins at 2:00pm, Wednesday through Saturday (morning section is available on Saturday). Please email us to make an appointment. 

One of our kintsugi students wrote a nice article on our workshop: https://en.woshiru.com/tokyo-experience/kintsugi-challenge-fixed-with-gold/ 

Kintsugi is not only a technique to mend broken ceramics and glass wares, but also to save discarded, unwanted ceramics and to transform them into attractive works. Sustainability? Absolutely. 


 Raku Pottery

3 Lessons (shaping, shaving, firing) for 35,000 yen. Raku pottery is probably the most quintessential experience of ceramic art. You fire your own tea cup individually right in front of you! You will create two teacups; they are rustic and quaint, perfect for your everyday use or gifts for your close friends! 

 Sake Cup Making Workshop

Any beginners are welcome! If you are thinking about making gifts for your friends, this is a perfect course. 3 Lessons consist of shaping, shaving, and painting. 25,000 yen for the course; all materials are included. You will make three sake cups.  

講師   Instructors



陶芸指導歴35年。個展多数。とにかく手仕事が大好きで得意。自分で出来ることは何でもやります。当工房の壁塗り、床張り、テーブル・棚作り、電気工事等、出来ることは全てしました。蕎麦打ちやベーグル作りも得意! 手仕事は技術だけでなく、自分を発見できる貴重な体験:「失敗を怖れないことが大切。何度も失敗したって良いわけです。大切なのは、そこからどんなことを考えたり感じたりできるかなのですから。」担当:楽焼、金継ぎ




1990年にカリフォルニア州サンタバーバラに移住。サンタバーバラ・シティーカレッジとカリフォルニア大学サンタバーバラ校で絵の勉強をした後、カリフォルニア大学バークレイ 校に編入。同校で比較文学の学位を修了。のち、スタンフォード大学で日本文学と比較文学の博士号修了。2003年から2007年までペンシルバニア州立大学にて、文学、文学論、日本映画の歴史などを教える。2008年に帰国してから、イラストレーター、版画作家、ライティングコーチ、歴史ツアーのガイドとして勤務。2020年4月より、弊工房の講師・作家になる。

Yoshiichiro Kuge

For last 35 years, Yoshiichiro has dedicated himself to teaching ceramics to students of all ages. He held his own exhibitions while helping his students’ independent shows. D.I.Y. is his life. Whatever he can do on his own, he just does it. That includes installing flooring and new lighting, creating furniture, as well as making bagels and soba noodles. Craft is a great way to discover yourself: “You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes. What’s important is what you think and feel during the process.”

Yoshiko Kuge

Yoshiko has taught and created ceramics and jewelry for 50 years. She held her own exhibitions while helping her students prepare for competitions. About 18 students have become independent artists from her art studio, and new ones are hatching now. Yoshiko simply enjoys working with young artists. Her motto is: “Be original. And create works that are magical and playful.”

Shu Kuge

Moved to Santa Barbara, California, in 1990. After studying fine art with concentration on painting at Santa Barbara City College and UC Santa Barbara, Shu transferred to UC Berkeley where he completed his degree in Comparative Literature. Later, he finished his Ph.D. in Japanese Literature and Comparative Literature at Stanford University. From 2003 to 2007 he taught literature, literary theory, and history of Japanese cinema at the Pennsylvania State University. He returned to Tokyo in 2008 and has worked as an illustrator, printmaker, writing coach, and historical tour guide in Tokyo. Since April 2020, Shu has been working full-time at the studio as an instructor as well as an artist.

料金   Tuition fee

材料費(1回 500円)
全日要予約 定員5名
Initial Membership Fee
10,000 yen
Four times/month
28,000 yen
14,500 yen
7,500 yen
One-day tryout
8,800 yen
(Material cost once 500 yen)
Reservation required /Seating capacity 5

営業時間   Opening hours


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kankuro.shu@gmail.com (English)

1-34-10 Narita-higashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166‑0015

Check-in location :KUGE Crafts
Address: 1-34-10,Naritahigashi,Suginami-ku,Tokyo
Location,direction and description:
Closest station is Shin-Koenji Station, on the Marunouchi line. (make sure to take the train that goes to "Ogikubo"). Go out of Exit 1,and take an immediate right (between the exit and the blue building). Walk down the road, then go right onto large road. Walk straight for about 7-8 minutes. You will eventually pass a Summit supermarket (with a big green leaf sign).Make sure you are on the same side of the road as the Summit. Keep on going straight, and you will see a blue pedestrian bridge. The studio is right before the bridge, under a yellow awning.